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Tue, October 30, 2018
Hello there and welcome to Ardee Cycling Club's new website.

We've spent a little time over the last few months creating what you can see now as a means of trying to keep everyone in the loop at what's happening within the club throughout the year. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a little information on some features that have been implemented within the website and how it may benefit you as a member and as a participant of our club league as a member outside of the club.

The website currently has three distinct sections, Articles, League and Forum. These sections provide information on general club news and events, league races, league results and the forum section allows members to discuss cycling related topics or to share vital training plans and videos.

Articles Section
Over time the articles page will provide information on all sorts of topics and events throughout the year. Every article that is posted also contains a section for members to leave comments and have a discussion on the related topic. Email notifications are also baked into this section so you can decide if you want to be notified when some leaves a comment on the article. I believe it will be a nice resource for all members and beyond when trying to find information on a particular topic.

League Section
The league section of the website was built to manage and provide information for each league season. It has a multitude of features so i'll list each one below and briefly explain how it all works.

League Registration
You'll now be able to register online for each league season. The registration process is simple and secure. When you complete your league registration you'll automatically be assigned to the upcoming league season as an entrant. The league registration link will appear on the top of the league section of the website every January and registration will close once the league season starts.

League Sign On
As a registered league entrant you'll now also be able to sign on for each race online. Online sign on will open automatically on race days at 9am and you can sign on up until 3pm on race day. Allowing you to do this online will give you more time in the evening to go for that vital race warm up while saving you the bother of having to sign on when you arrive for the race.

Leaderboards & Results Tables
The League system does of course have results and leaderboard tables. Results are input via our admin panel and once inserted all the tables are automatically updated with the latest data. These tables will allow everyone to keep track of the current league season and hopefully allow riders to engage in some tactical racing towards the end of the league season.

Race Info & Race Group Promotions
The race info section provides race details for the next race. Information like race groups, start time, location and so on. Riders are now automatically upgraded to a higher group (if not already in scratch group) if they win a league race, this process is calculated and processed while the results are updated. So once the results are in, the race groups and race details for the next race become available. Race groups can also be downloaded as a PDF file for your convenience if you need them.

League Email Notifications
There are various email notifications for the league system. From your account settings page you can decide what emails you want to receive and the ones you don't want to receive. You can receive notifications for league results, race group promotion, race day reminders, league payment registration and many more. Be sure to have a valid email address on your user profile if you want to receive these useful emails.

Forum Section
The forum was built to allow members to communicate with each other in terms of sharing training plans or organising the next club trip or to simply discuss something entirely different. All in all its there for anyone who wishes to use it. Again, email notifications are built in here to help keep people engaged in conversation as it happens.

Midweek Spin Emails
Members receive emails on tues & thurs mornings (if allowed by their account permissions) with a selected route based on wind direction and a generated weather report for that evening. Within the email there's a button to click if you intend going for a cycle that evening. Members receive another email around 5pm on the evening of a midweek cycle with a list of all members that are attending the cycle.

Final Thoughts
I could go on and on about other features within the website but I won't bore you any longer. I hope that the website is helpful to all users that wish to use it and above all I hope that it improves and helps Ardee Cycling Club grow and flourish once again!

Feel free to register an account, take a look around and let us know what we could do to make it better.
Fri, February 8, 2019
Registration for the Ardee Summer League will be online this season. We've moved to this process to alleviate the workload involved on a weekly basis during the league season. We want everyone to just turn up and race without having to deal with money each week.

Online registration will also allow us to implement our new league system. The idea behind the online system is to give everyone access to results, fixtures, race groups at any point in time during the season.

In order for the system to work, everyone must register an account here at Ardee Cycling Club. The registration form is simple, enter your details, select your club and that's it. Initially you'll receive a welcome email followed by another email to verify your account. Click the link in this email to verify your account. Job Done! From here you can continue to the league registration page to sign up for the current season. (Link below)

Just to mention a few useful features that we've built into system that will help you during the season:

Auto Race Group Promotion / Demotion
Downloadable Weekly Race Groups
Online Weekly Sign On
Race Result Emails

The online system will also auto generate race groups based on previous results, for example, if you race Grp 2 and win a race, the system will auto promote you to scratch grp for next week's race and so on. Once a result is posted, race groups for the following week are auto generated and available to view or download.

Each week everyone can download the race groups for the current race week directly from the race info page. A useful piece of information so you'll know exactly the group you'll be racing in that evening.  

Online sign on is another feature that allows all league entrants to sign on for each race. Online sign on will automatically open at 9am on the morning of a race day and will close at around 3pm that evening. This will be a convenient way to sign on for each race allowing you some extra time to warm up when you arrive. Sign on sheets will still be available and anyone that signs on online, that will be reflected on each week's sign on sheet.

All league entrants will receive a race result email as soon as the results have been posted. This is simply a notification to make your aware of the result going live. 

In general we hope it keeps you all interested throughout the season giving you the ability to track your progress within the league and hopefully you can be sitting near the top of the leaderboard towards the end of the season with a chance of carving your name on the ACC trophy.

Have a great race season and stay safe out there!

Online Registration Link:
League System

Note: If anyone has any problems registering online please Contact Us.
Tue, October 30, 2018
In addition to our new website we also have an android app that you can download by clicking the link provided below. The app is a carbon copy of the website and all features on the website are accessible via the app too.

If you find any issues please contact us and let us know so we can iron them out!

Android App Link