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list_alt League Information

General league rules and regulations

To be eligible to receive race points during the season you must be registered for our league via our online league registration system, using paypal. If you're not registered on the system you wont be eligible for end of season prizes and you wont appear on our online leaderboards or race result tables.

If for whatever reason you simply cannot register for the league online, you must at least register an account on the website in order for us to manually enter you as an entrant for the league season. In this instance and only in this instance you can register for the league by cash payment at Wheels & Heels Bike Shop in Ardee.

Online Registration Steps Online Paypal Payment

  • Register or Login to your account on the Ardee Cycling Club website
  • Navigate to the League Registration section on the website
  • Select the "Register" button for the appropriate league season
  • Follow the payment process to complete your registration payment

Registration Steps Cash Payment

  • Register an account at Ardee Cycling Club website
  • Contact us via the online Contact Us form or in person and request an entry to the league
  • Pay your registration fee at Wheels & Heels Bike Shop in Ardee

You must hold at least a limited competition Cycling Ireland Licence to participate in the Ardee Cycling Club Summer League. We simply cannot allow you to race otherwise, for insurance reasons.

You must race within the race group that you are assigned to at the start of each race. Failure to do so will disqualify you from receiving race points for that race. A race group list for the next race automatically becomes available once the previous race results have been posted. You can download the race group list at any time at the following link. Next Race Info

If you're taking part on race night, you must always sign on. Anyone that fails to sign on will not receive points for that race, so please dont forget to sign on at each race. There are two sign on options for the league.

  • Online Sign-On
    • For your convenience you can sign on online on each race day via your account on the Ardee website. The sign on page on the website will automatically open at 9am and close at 3pm on each race day. Once you sign on online this will be reflected on the printed sign on sheet, so there's no need to sign on at the race venue. Sign On Link
  • Regular Sign-On
    • If you're not a fan of the online sign on method, you can still sign on as normal at the race venue.

Leaderboards and results are updated / generated after each race result has been submitted.

  • Results
    • When a result is posted we only record the top 8 riders in terms of finishing position with the winner receiving 10 points and 8th place receiving 3 points. All other riders after 8th place are displayed in random order and receive 2 points if they have raced that particular race.
  • Leaderboard
    • As you might expect the leaderboard displays a riders total points awarded from all races. And displays a riders overall league position.