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Frequently asked questions

Anyone can register an account at Ardee Cycling Club and that includes non Ardee Cycling Club members. The website was designed to be a club website primarily with the ability to accommodate members outside the club in terms of allowing online league registration. members outside of Ardee Cycling Club are also welcome to participate in any way they can.

The website has been built around notifying members on various events within the website in order to try and keep everyone in the loop of whats happening within the club and beyond. We certainly dont want to annoy anyone with endless email notifications that may be irrelevant to some. For example, a leisure cyclist may not want to receive race result emails and vice versa. So we've created a section within your account profile to manage your email and website notifications so you can choose the emails you want to receive.

As an Ardee Cycling Club member there are many features built into the website that will benefit you in terms of cycling activity, event awareness and general club related activity. One feature to mention is Mid-Week Cycles. The midweek cycle feature automatically generates a cycling route and a weather report for Tuesday and Thursday evening club cycles. This information is then sent to all members via email on the morning of a cycle. Within the email you can click the link provided to confirm your attendance if you plan on going that evening. Around 5pm you'll receive another email with a list of people that are attending the evening cycling event.

League registration is now going to be completed online via paypal. The process is quick and simple. be sure to use a valid email address as you'll be sent emails with information on the season ahead. We have a new league system that will give eveyone access to leaderboards, results, race groups for next race day, weekly online race sign on and much more. In order for the system to work online registration will be required. A registration link will become available within the league section of the website once it has opened. If for whatever reason you cant or dont want to register online contact us via the 'Contact Support' link below or by contacting us in person.

Club membership fees can now be paid online via the website. It's convenient for the member and reduces the workload for the club in general. You can access your membership fee portal via your account settings page, there you'll see a tab labeled "Club Membership Fee". Within this page you'll see the current status for the current year and an option to start the payment process if you still need to pay your club fees.

Every member can connect their strava account to their Ardee Cycling Club account. You simply go to your account settings page, select "Services" and follow the process in connecting to strava. Once you connect successfully you can access your strava activities on your profile page, under the tab "Strava".

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